It’s Permanent, And Inside Your Skin; Choose Wisely

It’s Permanent, And Inside Your Skin; Choose Wisely

Getting inked is the new way to express these days. Tattoos hold sentimental values and its permanence just adds to its charm-letting the art speak out for what one believes in. But not all tattoo stories have happy endings.

If necessary precautions are not taken into consideration, the permanent ink inside your skin might just lead to some serious health hazards which would be very well be equivalent to a living nightmare. So peeps, before getting that permanent print on your body, let’s take a step back and contemplate.



Go to a professional, reputed tattoo artist. A professional will use only organic inks; the best inks getting imported from the US, Britain and Australia. Know your artist. Search him up and enquire about him at least a week before you go to him, and make sure his work of style sits well with what you want. Tattoo is a permanent mark that will stay with you for as long as you want, so choose your artist wisely. Isn’t your body worth an investment?



The equipment used in tattooing, if contaminated with infected blood can risk transmission of blood-borne viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C and various skin cancers. Make sure the tattoo parlour and its workers are super clean and hygienic. The artist must wash his hands before wearing disposable latex gloves, and only after that must start on your tattoo. Also, it is mandatory that the tattoo needle he uses is new; never allow a tattoo artist to use an old needle on you.



An expired tattoo ink when used can lead to severe infections, allergies and skin diseases. So make sure the ink used is approved for tattooing and has not exceeded its expiry date.


Apart from the obvious precautions mentioned, people often commit the mistake of taking the permanence of tattoos for granted, and impulsively get themselves tattooed. Tattoos are permanent, and getting them removed can be extremely painful as well as expensive. So be smart and keep yourself Zen calm, and choose that tattoo design wisely.

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