A peak into the lives and minds of the inked.

A peak into the lives and minds of the inked.

“I’ve gotten a sun tattooed today. It’s my very first tattoo and I’m sure my fear was very apparent. I mean, the initial screams may have given it away. The story behind this tattoo is very personal to me. It’s almost defining.

Sun Tattoo

A few years ago, I joined this hostel and I absolutely detested it. I was lonely and I was homesick. So I came with this genius idea of behaving in a manner that earns me a bad reputation. I just wanted to go home, you know? I thought if I behaved in a certain manner, they would have to send me back home. But it did the exact opposite of what it was supposed to.

My desperate search for home, drove home away from me. 
My teachers and parents stopped speaking to me, my friends boycotted me. I had nobody. So every night, I would go up to the terrace and look at the moon. That act in itself became a trademark of my loneliness. This faintly lit entity fuelled by the radiance of another – the sun, calmed me down a bit. 

But I think after a point, my solace demanded the source itself. I looked for all-consuming radiance that would have lit up the crevices of my life, otherwise dulled by the shadow of my own doing. Hence, the sun. It’s a symbol of happiness for me. I remember, as an emoticon, I used to text it to my parents in my happiest times. Those time were sparse, sure. But I knew there was more from where that came from.” 

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