Rick Genest- The Zombie Boy

Rick Genest- The Zombie Boy

Actor, model and artist- Rick Genest succumbed to mortality at the age of 32 a few days back. However, the tale of his grit and undying spirit has cemented itself to thrive against the odds of time. Here’s a glimpse into the survivor’s struggle. Here’s Zombie boy, often referred to as Lady Gaga’s muse. Unabashed, unfettered and irrevocably himself.



Rick was diagnosed and treated for a brain tumour at a very young age. At a time when most of us deal with the bittersweet upheavals of adolescent life, Rick was juggling with intrusive thoughts of death.

However, exemplifying immense strength, rick braved his way out of it while germinating thoughts of a novel way of life alongside.


After the treatment, he resorted to living under bridges and on the pavement while simultaneously crafting an entirely new appearance for himself. Rick tattooed his entire body with corpse tattoos which emanated from his lifelong interest in punk rock and horror films.
His eccentricity attracted big brands, films and led him to land a role in Lady Gaga’s music video for ‘Born this way’.

In the span of his short yet astonishing journey, Rick defined himself as ‘The zombie boy’ who transformed his socially perceived ‘obscurity’ as the skin and bones of his overarching achievement.

His passing wasn’t simply an occasion to mourn the death of a loved human. Instead, it’s the grave loss of an active catalyst of a change that wasn’t just looked forward to but very gravely needed.


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