Painkillers: Is it ok to have painkillers before tattoos?

Painkillers: Is it ok to have painkillers before tattoos?

The idea of getting inked is often haunted by the anticipated pain that comes along with it. While there are many who try to combat this by choosing lesser sensitive areas, there are some who consider alternate escape mechanisms such as consuming painkillers.

While the internet is sprawled with names of specific painkillers that may aid in lessening the pain intensity, the idea is frowned upon by most tattoo artists.

Here’s why:
The tattoo process often results in minor bleeding as the needles pierce through just below the initial layers of one’s skin. However, painkillers decrease the blood’s ability to clot efficiently, which might result in excessive bleeding. Furthermore, it may delay the tattoo’s process of healing entirely.

Additionally, if these reasons fail to suffice, we have a potential tie breaker for you. Apart from other multiple hazards that come with excessive bleeding, it may also result in higher prices as more blood means more time spent wiping it away.
Take your pick!

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